Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Badbeat.com Director Encouraged Players to Develop a "Poker Mind" in His Lecture at Poker in the Park Last Weekend

Badbeat com Director Encouraged Players to Develop a Poker Mind in His Lecture at Poker in the ParkSpeaking to poker enthusiasts at Poker in the Park in London over the weekend, John Conroy, Managing Director at Badbeat.com, cautioned players against simply memorizing plays and encouraged them to instead develop a "poker mind".

Badbeat.com, the original and leading poker staking site, has been sponsoring and mentoring promising players since 2005. This summer it made its revolutionary new MyGame poker training system, modeled on that experience, available free to anyone that’s ready to step up their game.

“A lot of training out there is rubbish,” said Conroy. “Poker isn’t black and white. How you play your hand depends as much on whom else is at the table and how they’re playing as on the cards you’re dealt. The MyGame poker training system that we’ve built with our team of mentors is designed to change the way the player thinks. It’s all about building a poker mind.”

More players have more experience playing and it takes much more than learning plays from a book to be winner.

“Poker is about observation and deception. Observing your opponents behaviour , betting patterns , type of player, what they think of you etc. Deception is achieved by balancing the way you play hands and not always playing particular hands the same way.”

The MyGame poker training system is designed for any player that wants to learn, win and transform the way they play poker - all for free. It builds players’ poker skills from the ground up by analysing actual play. Access to Badbeat’s tutorials, the unique poker hands analysis tool, Report Cards, and Social gaming features are all free after registering with any of Badbeat’s partner poker sites.

Badbeat.com are giving away $50 free to the first 100 players to create a new account on one of their affiliate sites such as BetfairPoker, GentingPoker, PokerTime, and Royal Vegas. Players can claim their $50 by emailing staking@badbeat.com with their site and alias.

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