Monday, March 18, 2013

WinADay Introduces New Low-Cost, Easy-to-Play Penny Slots

WinADay Casino First Set of Easy-to-Play Penny Slots are the Cheapest Slots OnlineHere's a great way to stretch your slots budget a little further!  WinADay Casino has just added a set of easy-to-play penny slot games that you can play for a long time on just a few cents.  WinADay Casino may be home of some of the most innovative and extravagant slot games anywhere, but their new Penny Slots have the lowest pay line bets available anywhere.

“Experienced slots players look for advanced features like bonus games, fancy animation, maybe a hold button,” said WinADay Casino manager Michael Hilary. “But we’ve found that new players often like to start with a really basic game.”

The new penny slots -- Aztec Adventure, City Girls, Deep Blue, Sam’s Burger and Touch Down – all take minimal bets starting at just $.001 per pay line, always less than two cents per spin.

The new Penny Slots section was one of the main reasons for WinADay’s complete web site makeover last month. The new design makes it easy to check out the 35 one-of-a-kind premium casino games on the site or go straight to the five new Penny Slots games.

“These are simple games that are easy to understand but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some nice features!” said one pleasantly surprised player. “Like, I love it when that big expanding Wild symbol comes up in Sam’s Burger!”

“What’s great is that you can just play and play and play,” said another player. “And even if you’re not having the best night you really can’t lose too much when you’re only betting, what is it, a thousandth of a penny per line!?”

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