Monday, October 21, 2013

Trend toward Larger Jackpots Continues as WinADay Player Wins $216K Playing 'Wild Alaska' Slot Game

216K Wild Alaska Jackpot Winner at WinADay Casino Continues Trend toward Larger Jackpots Dean S., a WinADay Casino regular since 2010, won $217,167 playing the Wild Alaska slot game, continuing the trend toward larger and larger jackpots at the popular slots and video poker site.

“For a long time our jackpot would always be hit when it got to $150,000 or so,” observed WinADay Casino manager Michael Hilary. “Lately there’s been a trend toward much larger jackpots though!

Earlier this year, Taryn L won nearly a quarter million dollars—WinADay’s second largest jackpot ever -- playing Leprechaun Luck. Before that, Vera M. won a record-breaking $255,462 jackpot on Chinatown. Dean S. joins the jackpot winner’s circle with one of the casino’s top five jackpots.

Normally Dean plays Hold the Riches, Busted, Gladiator Games or Fruitful 7s but he was on a winning streak as soon as he started playing Wild Alaska.

“There are moments in life when one just never knows what to expect, what life will bring,” the winner told his favorite WinADay customer service rep. “One minute I’m switching between some of my favourite slots (I couldn't really settle on one). I was having a pretty good lucky streak so I was satisfied. But then I decided to play a slot I don't regularly play and found myself winning the jackpot. Life really is full of surprises!”

“It was an amazing evening, one that I will always remember. Wild Alaska is definitely a slot I will come back to. Thanks Win A Day for a brilliant time, excellent customer service and games that are so much fun.”

With the recent launch of the new Dollar Storm slot game and the enchanting new Alice in Wonderland slot game just before that, WinADay Casino now has 37 unique premium casino games. Most of them are tied to one progressive jackpot which was reset after this win and is already about $65,000. There are also 10 penny slots.

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