Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Freeslot Facebook Friends have Advantage in Free Slots Tournaments

Freeslot Players Increase Chances of Winning Free Slots Tournaments by Visiting Facebook PageI've got a little tip for you that will help you win cash prizes playing free online slots. Haha, did you have to read that twice? Free slots with real money prizes?! is a completely free online slots site with free slots tournaments.  Even though it doesn't cost a penny to play you can still win real money.  Fifty bucks.

So here's my tip: you can play longer and get higher scores if you visit the Freeslot Facebook page and get extra free tournament credits.

There's always bonus links on the Freeslot Facebook page. Just click on the link before it expires and more credits are instantly added to your account. currently has twenty unique free slot games to choose from. When the casino is looking at adding a new one it usually consults its more than 3000 Facebook Friends.

“Last time we asked our Facebook Friends to help choose a game they voted for Slot21,” said the manager. “Give the players what they want, that’s my motto, so that’s what we did!”

By Larry Colcy, The Gamblogger     

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