Monday, March 30, 2015

Slotland Jackpot Winner Donates to Local Youth Center

Slotlands Lucky Ducts Jackpot Winner will Invest in Local Youth CenterHere's a good news story to start our week with!  Slotland has just had another jackpot winner -- Donna S., a regular at Slotland since 2012, hit the jackpot playing the Lucky Ducts slot game. She says she'll buy herself a present but a lot of her win will be donated to her local community center. Awwww, nice one Donna!

I love playing slots. I’ve been playing many years but never did I win this big!” Donna told a Slotland customer service representative. “I look forward to giving back to my community and helping out at the local youth center. They need new musical instruments.”

Video: Slotland Player Wins $100,004 Progressive Jackpot

Slotland's recent jackpot winner says she'll make a donation to her local community center.

“I’ll also get myself a nice new kitchen. I just love cooking and my kitchen really needs an upgrade!”

This isn’t the first time Slotland's jackpot, which is available on most of its premium games, has been won by someone playing Lucky Ducts. In March 2011, right after it was launched, Lucky Ducts paid out a $145,864 jackpot.

“It was a dark, cold winter evening and Lucky Ducts just reminded me of summer fun and swimming,” that winner told Slotland.

A swimming pool theme game, Lucky Ducts is a 5 reel, 19 pay line slots game with up to 50x multipliers and lots of chances to win free spins. Water Faucet symbols fill the Bonus Reservoir and when it overflows 6 free spins begin.

You can play most of Slotland’s 34 real money online slot games on your desktop, laptop, smartphones or tablets, but you can only play them at Slotland.

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