Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Win a cash Bonanza with fabulous ‘Pan for Gold’ game

Forget the bad and the ugly – it’s all good when you have a go at the fabulous new Pan for Gold game which offers two ways to win £25K! Yessiree!

Available on Sky Vegas, and created by the software sheriffs of CORE Gaming, the Wild West-themed instant win scratch card title will have you playing with True Grit as a Lone Ranger in pursuit of A Fistful of Dollars (or pounds)!

The game begins with a map of Goldville, with players having the choice of six potential panning spots. They then sink their pan into the water three times and hope to have picked up gold or jewels rather than stones and old buttons.

The winning begins if a player has three of a kind, with the top prize of an incredible £25K all theirs if they’ve sifted a treble of pearls.

But there’s A Few Dollars More available for any Young Guns that have found golden nuggets, which stack up in a separate pot and are retained for future games. Once a player has collected eight of these nuggets they then get them weighed and can again win up to £25K.

CORE’s Kev Short said: “Using all our in-house expertise, the development team has done an outstanding job to deliver this creative and ultimately fun gaming experience.”

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